Creating a webpage for a property has never been easier!

Have you ever wanted to keep a record of a property listing you have seen? Perhaps you want to keep the details available even after it is taken down from the listing website.

This site lets you create a copy the important details of any property listing you come across. You can edit this copy of the original listing and share it with your friends or keep it for yourself.

If you are the owner of the property, you can use this to create a much more attractive landing page for it than most estate agents can. I know this because I started this project out of my own frustration when I tried to sell my flat in the UK:

For those who are house-hunting this can be a useful tool for keeping tabs on different listings.

Get started by entering a url here:


What can I do with this website?

You can create an editable webpage with important information about a property that is for sale or for rent.

Is my data safe?

Currently (Jan 2022) this is a proof of concept website. It can only be used with a demo account and data may get deleted.

We advise that once you create a page you like, you copy the html and store that on your local device.

How can I build a site like this?

You are in luck. This project has been open sourced and is freely available on github here:

What is planned for future releases?

Currently the priority is to improve the look and feel.

After that we plan to add functionality such as the possiblity to export to pdf or to generate a qr code for the page.

In the longer term we might enable this to be used as a house-hunting kanban board. You will be able to compare multiple listings, add private notes and invite people to help you on your house hunt.

What you should not do with this website

You are not allowed to pass off listings that do not belong to you as your own.

If we are made aware of any pages which are created with this tool to commit fraud they will be deleted immediately.